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Week One Response

I’m curious to know more about what qualifies as a “handmade website.” My particular hesitancy came from the distinction that a website must be hand coded to be handmade. The links that I selected are more akin to questions than examples.

My first site is an independent newspaper that runs out of france and reports on the current Egyptian regime which censors the state media. I chose it because what they are doing is incredibly brave, many of their writers and editors have been jailed due to content posted on the site. The founder is living in exile in France. -- Clink “English” in the top left corner to view site in English. It is blocked in Egypt so native’s must have access to a VPN in order to check the site.

My second site is the virtual hall that I created for my zees. I don’t know if it technically counts as a handmade website because I made it through Notion which is a no-code website building site. I feel like it should count as a handmade website because it’s from scratch with intention and now acts as our communal space. I also used Notion to create my own Thesis Workspace. Being able to organize a “virtual brain center” exactly how I organized the information conceptually was hugely helpful to me because of my learning disability.

A third site for funsies --

- 1 toast