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Scrolling Through the Sky

I figured out pretty quickly that the astrolabe was not going to work out on html so I thought about other ways the zodiac is portrayed.

In this drawing, the zodiac ecliptic is portayed as a band around the earth which I thought was brilliant, however I knew it would be very difficult for me to create anything spherical given my experience.

Luckily I found this depiction which portrays the zodiac ecliptic on a flat plane.

Looking at the ecliptic on a one dimensional plane helped me conceptualize how I could present the zodiac on my site. The most obvious thing to me was the use of the scroll bar. Which could be used to scroll through the zodiac. I added a fixed radical gradient background image to the top right corner to demonstrate the sun depicting the passing of time. Instead of using any lore for my base, I marked the constellations by their celestial longitude. This, I felt, was the most accurate way to depict the zodiac itself and it's mechanism of communication.

- 1 toast