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Where Gathering and Webstie Collide

This is definitely not how I pictured my series evolving, however I knew from the very beginning that this would probably happen.

In the end, I decided to use the blank template and the different lores that I had collected as the backbone of my gathering. Using these resources, I met with my sisters in a zoom call so that I could first explain the significance of the zodiac ecliptic and it's role throughout history. Afterwards, we used the blank template that I had created to project our own stories onto the zodiac.

I knew that my sisters would be willing to buy in, and they didn't disappoint. As per, Professor Schwultz suggested, we actually had a lot of fun.

Instead of trying to parse out the lore that my sisters and I created into qualitative descriptions, I decided to use my website as a way to capture our chaos and creativity in its most authentic form: video recording. There is no other way to capture the spirit of the Abdalla sisters.

Ultimately, that's what I did. I created digital constellations, we created the lore, and I stored the storied we made in the stars.

I am proud to present my final website:

- 1 toast