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Telling the Story

After I created my blank canvas, I started creating duplicates with the lore of specific cultures. I recreated the native American zodiac, the Mesopotamian zodiac, the Chinese zodiac, and the modern Greek zodiac. However, I was still unhappy with my website. I had been planning on creating an event that would capture the magic of the different ways communities have come together around these constellations across space and time but I didn't feel like the site that I had put together really did a good job of encapsulating the magic. Additionally, I didn't feel as though I had created anything new or unique. It felt as though I had just moved the information from books to HTML which didn't feel like the purpose of this project. At this point, spirits were low. However, an email from professor Schwults, encouraging me to have fun with this experience gave me an idea and a renewed sense of hope for my gathering and my website.

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