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Series Idea

For my project I wanted to dedicate the next 5 Sundays to myself and allow myself to do whatever it is that I want-- then documenting what I do/create. Last week that meant organizing a snowball fight for my zees and then photographing it so that I could use my camera for the first time. I then played with Photoshop express. If this were to be a part of my series I would maybe post the photos and my edits with some reflection. I would do this for at least 5 Sundays. Maybe one Sunday I’ll set up a video camera while I hang out in my room and then make a vlog out of it so that I can practice video editing. Maybe I’ll spend a day creating poetry out of the piles of old to-do lists spread around my room. Maybe I’ll dedicate the day to mastering a new song on the piano and documenting the sound/quality progress. I really like the idea of creating time and space for myself and then capturing it as a virtual space on the web.

- 1 toast