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Another Series Update

What I had originally planned on doing was creating a website that captured the shared experience of the constellations. There are 88 constellations total but I decided I needed to zoom in on constellations most commonly recorded throughout history. That proved to be the zodiac. The twelve constellations that mark the twelve months of the year, and have been serving this purpose since Ancient Mesopotamia. The Babylonians, the native Americans, aboriginal Australians, and the people of the Indus Valley civilization all looked to the constellations as a means of finding meaning in the heavens and creating lore that would become the fabric of society.

The problem with the zodiac is that is is mostly depicted in a circular "astrolabe" as shown below. I'm not sure how to accomplish that on HTML or if it is accomplishable at all so I will probably have to find an alternative way to translate the zodiac onto the internet.

Modern Astrolabe

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