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Series Update

Last Sunday, I went about what I had originally proposed for my series by recording and editing a video. However, I found that I enjoyed coding exercise one much more than I did video editing so I've decided that I want to change gears and expand on what I've done for exercise one.

I think the stars and the universe are the most accurate representation of the internet and links. A vast and infinite source of knowledge and information; The way that we look to the internet for inspiration is not all that different from the way ancient societies since the beginning of time have looked into the sky and found inspiration through the stories of the constellations.

In the same way that the internet digitally connects people across space, the stars connect people across time. The stars we see were the same ones that the Ancient Babylonians, Sumerians, and Egyptians looked to. The internet tells the story of our generation in the same way that the starlore of the time told the story of a civilization. I'm still figuring out how it would look but I'd like to tell this story with my page and my series.

- 1 toast